V/A – If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods…


The National, Jónsi & Alex o Mercury Rev participan en este disco que recrea las canciones del último álbum de la banda Philistines Jr.

La banda originaria de Connecticut, Philistines Jr., lanzará un álbum de versiones  y remixes de su álbum If A Band Plays In The Woods? (2010), para el cual han convocado a amigos de su líder, el productor Peter Katis, como Frightened Rabbit, Tapes N’ Tapes, Jònsi And Alex, Mercury Rev, Tokyo Police Club y The National.

Tracklisting If a Lot of Bands Play in the Woods… :
1. The Kissaway Trail : “(Set List Title : Cableguy)”
2. Locas in Love : “Bushaltestelle (The Bus Stop Song)”
3. Jónsi & Alex : “B”
4 Mates of State : “Tarquin’s Half-Assed Mission Statement”
5. Dazzled Kid : “If I Did Nothing but Train for Two Years, I Bet I Could Be in the Olympics”
6. We Were Promised Jetpacks : “Hell, No ! We Won’t Go !”
7. Frightened Rabbit : “My Brother Tom, The Green Beret”
8. Dewanatron : “Twenty Miles To NH (Part 1)”
9. The National : “Twenty Miles To NH (Part 2)”
10. Nico Muhly : “Working Title : The Mob Song”
11. Tapes ’N Tapes : “If a Band Plays in the Woods… ?”
12. Mice Parade : “A Trip Down the Rooster River”
13. Mercury Rev : “The End of the World, Again”
14. The Mommyheads : “(Set List Title : Cableguy)”
15. Joames Kochalka Superstar : “The Bus Stop Song”
16. Oneida : “B”
17. Golden Bloom : “Working Title : The Mob Song”
18. Tokyo Police Club : “(Set List Title : Cableguy)”
19. Doveman : “The End of the World, Again”



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