Johnny Boy Would Love this….a Tribute to John Martyn


Beck, Snow Patrol, Davandra Banhart o Robert Smith participan en el disco homenaje del músico fallecido, que verá la luz este verano.

Además de este disco de homenaje, el álbum póstumo del músico, fallecido en enero de 2009, Heaven and Earth, se publicará el 3 de mayo.

1.Fine Lines – Syd Kitchen
2.Back To Stay – Ultan Conlon
3.One World – Paolo Nutini
4.Fairy Tale Lullaby – Bombay Bicycle Club
5.Anna – Brendan Campbell
6.Small Hours – Robert Smith (from The Cure)
7.Rope Soul’d – The Blackships (Nick McCabe and Simon Jones from The Verve)
8.Go Down Easy – Beth Orton
9.Glorious Fool – Clarence Fountain and Sam Butler (Formerly Of The Blind boys Of Alabama)
10.Couldn’t Love You More – Lisa Hannigan
11.Sweet Little Mystery – Devendra Banhart
12.Go Easy – Vetiver
13.Let The Good Things Come – David Gray
14.Lay it All Down – Donovan
15.May You Never – Snow Patrol
16.John Wayne – Oh My God
17.Tearing and Breaking – Phil Collins
18.Head & Heart – Vashti Bunyan
19.Solid Air – Skye Edwards (Morcheeba)
20.Over The Hill – Ted Barnes featuring Gavin Clark (Clayhill and Unkle)
21.I Don’t Want to Know – The Swell Season
22.Dancing – Sonia Dada
23.Certain Surprise – Sabrina Dinan
24.Angeline – Nicholas Barron
25.You Can Discover – Cheryl Wilson
26.The Easy Blues – Joe Bonnamassa
27.Walk to the Water – John Smith
28.Road to Ruin – Jim Tullio
29.Hurt in Hurt – Judy Tzuke
30.Stormbringer – Beck

John and Beverly Martyn – Stormbringer by mud_hut

Tracklist Heaven and Earth:

1. Heel of the Hunt
2. Stand Amazed
3. Heaven and Earth
4. Bad Company
5. Could’ve told you before I met you
6. Gambler
7. Can’t turn back the years
8. Colour
9. Willing to work

John Martyn – Sunshines Better (Danny.F Beats Re-Edit) by Danny.F


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