Blondie anuncia su primera caja: Against the Odds 1974-1982

Con 124 pistas de los cinco primeros discos de su carrera además de 36 canciones inéditas.

La caja Blondie: Against the Odds 1974-1982 llegará el próximo 26 de agosto a través de UMe y The Numero Group. Against the Odds presenta versiones remasterizadas de los primeros seis álbumes de Blondie: Blondie, Plastic Letters, Parallel Lines, Eat to the Beat, Autoamerican y The Hunter, así como su primera sesión de estudio, versiones alternativas, descares y demos. Además, la caja ofrece comentarios pista por pista de los siete miembros originales de la banda en un gran conjunto de notas que también incluye fotos inéditas de la banda y una discografía ilustrada de 120 páginas. Como adelanto de la caja, Blondie compartió una versión inédita del sencillo de 1967 de The Doors, Moonlight Drive.

Blondie: Against the Odds 1974-1982 Super Deluxe Collectors’ Edition Tracklist:
Side A
01. X Offender
02. Little Girl Lies
03. In the Flesh
04. Look Good in Blue
05. In the Sun
06. A Shark in Jets Clothing

Side B
01. Man Overboard
02. Rip Her to Shreds
03. Rifle Range
04. Kung Fu Girl
05. The Attack of the Giant Ants

Plastic Letters
Side A
01. Fan Mail
02. Denis
03. Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
04. Youth Nabbed as Sniper
05. Contact in Red Square
06. (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
07. I’m on E

Side B
01. I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say No
02. Love at the Pier
03. No Imagination
04. Kidnapper
05. Detroit 442
06. Cautious Lip

Parallel Lines
Side A
01. Hanging on the Telephone
02. One Way or Another
03. Picture This
04. Fade Away and Radiate
05. Pretty Baby
06. I Know But I Don’t Know

Side B
01. 11:59
02. Will Anything Happen
03. Sunday Girl
04. Heart of Glass
05. I’m Gonna Love You Too
06. Just Go Away

Eat to The Beat
Side A
01. Dreaming
02. The Hardest Part
03. Union City Blue
04. Shayla
05. Eat to the Beat
06. Accidents Never Happen

Side B
01. Die Young Stay Pretty
02. Slow Motion
03. Atomic
04. Sound-A-Sleep
05. Victor
06. Living in the Real World

Side A
01. Europa
02. Live It Up
03. Here’s Looking at You
04. The Tide Is High
05. Angels on the Balcony
06. Go Through It

Side B
01. Do the Dark
02. Rapture
03. Faces
04. T-Birds
05. Walk Like Me
06. Follow Me

The Hunter
Side A
01. Orchid Club
02. Island of Lost Souls
03. Dragonfly
04. For Your Eyes Only
05. The Beast

Side B
01. War Child
02. Little Caesar
03. Danceway
04. (Can I) Find the Right Words (To Say)
05. English Boys
06. The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Bonus Tracks
7-inch 45 rpm
01. Moonlight Drive
02. Mr. Sightseer

10-inch LP Outtakes & Rarities – Out in the Streets
Side A (1974 Session)
01. Out in the Streets (1974)
02. The Disco Song
03. Sexy Ida

Side B (Betrock Demo)
01. Platinum Blonde
02. The Thin Line
03. Puerto Rico
04. Once I Had a Love (1975)
05. Out in the Streets (1975)

LP 1 Outtakes & Rarities – Plaza Sound
Side A
01. X Offender (Intro)
02. X Offender (Private Stock Single)
03. In the Sun (Private Stock Single)
04. Little Girl Lies (Private Stock Mix)
05. In the Flesh (Extended Intro)
06. A Shark in Jets Clothing (Take 2)
07. Kung Fu Girls (Take 8)
08. Scenery

Side B
01. Denis (Terry Ellis Mix)
02. Bermuda Triangle Blues – Flight 45 (Take 1)
03. I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say No (Take 1)
04. I’m on E (Take 2)
05. Kidnapper (Take 2)
06. Detroit 442 (Take 2)
07. Poets Problem

LP 2 Outtakes & Rarities – Parallel Beats
Side A
01. Once I Had a Love (Mike Chapman Demo)
02. Sunday Girl (French Version)
03. I’ll Never Break Away from This Heart of Mine (Pretty Baby)
04. Hanging on the Telephone (Mike Chapman Demo)
05. Will Anything Happen (Instrumental)
06. Underground Girl

Side B
01. Call Me
02. Spaghetti Song (Atomic Part 2)
03. Die Young Stay Pretty (Take 1)
04. Union City Blue (Instrumental)
05. Llámame

LP 3 Out-takes & Rarities – Coca Cola
Side A
01. I Love You Honey, Give Me a Beer (Go Through It)
02. Live It Up (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
03. Angels on the Balcony (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
04. Tide Is High (Demo)
05. Susie & Jeffrey

Side B
01. Rapture (Disco Version)
02. Autoamerican Ad
03. Yuletide Throwdown

LP 4 Outtakes & Rarities – Home Tapes
Side A
01. Nameless (Home Tape)
02. Sunday Girl (Home Tape)
03. Theme From Topkapi (Home Tape)
04. The Hardest Part (Home Tape)
05. Ring of Fire (Home Tape)

Side B
01. War Child (Chris Stein Mix)
02. Call Me (Chris Stein Mix)
03. Heart of Glass (Chris Stein Mix)

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